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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  May 30, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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suffered a reaction to prescription medications. he issued a statement saying i would like to apologize with all my heart to my family, friends and the fans: ♪[music] >> all right. the long holiday weekend is gone. the workweek is here. and the weather is still cool and gray in some pockets. you can see some sunshine hitting the san francisco bay right there. i have to tip my cap to allman. we lost a good one over the weekend. i saw him at red rocks in colorado. greg allman. >> he is one of the big ones of rock and roll.
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>> yeah. >> on this tuesday morning, sal castaneda is back with us. hope you had a nice day off yesterday. you didn't even think about it. >> it was a success. i didn't think about you at all. >> thank you. thank you. >> what is your take of that giants fight yesterday? >> i think that hunter strickland should let things go, especially since -- look at. this he should have let it go. he is holding on to a beef that is three years old. and strickland already got his revenge. his team won the world series. >> dusty says that he has a couple of grudges that he is still holding. >> baseball players are different. they have these grudges that they hold on to. >> i don't like it. how do you explain that to your kids? you're adults. act that way. >> it is tuesday. it felt like a monday when it came to the commute, sal. >> yeah. this morning's b.a.r.t. commute was very slow because of a stuck train. they had a medical emergency. a couple of other things. let's go live to alex savidge
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who has been talking to commuters who were stuck in some of these big train delays. alex. >> yeah. another tough morning for b.a.r.t. riders. good morning to all of you. things starting to recover across the system. at last check, b.a.r.t. is 20 minutes or so behind schedule because of the stalled train. it stalled out just west of the west oakland station earlier this morning. they eventually got it cleared out of the way but the damage was done at that point. at a time there was no service between the east bay and san francisco. and you had trains stopped on the tracks all across the system. that led to significant delays. we can show you here cell phone video that will show a crowded platform at the macarthur station earlier this morning. b.a.r.t. came in and used a second train to push that disabled train back to the 12th street station. but, again, there were already the residual delays. that left many commuters stuck and behind schedule. >> they told me that there was a track problem and there is a
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car literally stuck outside of west oakland station. and that they were fixing that problem. so -- >> how long were you stuck? >> i was stuck in macarthur for about 20 minutes. >> reporter: that disabled train was stopped on what is described as an interlocking section of track. that is where trains usually cross over to different tracks. that's where it stalled out. b.a.r.t. still investigating exactly why that train became disabled in the first place. burkes again, it has been clear -- but, again, it has been cleared out of the way. there as a contributing factor to the delays. there was a medical emergency of some kind on the same train. the train had about 60 people on board at the time that it stalled out on the tracks. all of the people were taken off of the train as you can imagine and then it was pushed out of the way. but, again, the resid you'll delays continuing here. b.a.r.t. trying to get back on track after a tough morning. >> alex savidge at west oakland
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station. thank you, alex. b.a.r.t. confirmed to ktvu there were a dozen car break-ins at b.a.r.t. station parking lots on memorial day. nine auto burglaries at the station. although b.a.r.t. is dealing with a recent uptick in many crimes, a spokeswoman told us that auto thefts are down 20% compared to last year. to combat crime, b.a.r.t. has added extra patrols at parking lots. b.a.r.t. is facing a lawsuit over store that's were supposed to open at the station. the stores were supposed to include dunkin donuts and local retailers. according to the san francisco chronicle, the deal fella part. the company that was supposed to set up the store is suing b.a.r.t. saying that b.a.r.t. cut the retail space as
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promised and breached a $95 million. but b.a.r.t. says the company did not meet a deadline to open at least nine stores last year so it let the contract expire. contra costa county officials are trying to get more people to carpool with the help of san francisco based app called scoop. scoop works by letting users find people who share their commute. you schedule a morning and afternoon pickup and the app matches you with people based on the route and past feedback. each ride costs $10. as an incentive, contra costa county is offering residents a reduced rate. this is funded by $30,000 by a voter approved sales tax and will lost until the money is gone. scoop has partnered with other bay area cities including palo alto, pleasanton and santa clara county. it has not been what i would expect after memorial day. >> no. >> i want to be wearing flip
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flops and not this sweatshirt. >> when you're not wearing this suit. >> when i'm not wearing this dapper suit. >> nice shoutout to greg allman. >> yes. >> the fog is burning off rapidly, much faster than yesterday. clearlake, mostly clear up in clearlake. this is from chloe up there. a high today, that is cool for the end of may for clearlake. upper 70s to near 80. at least they did not get in on the low cloud deck. the sun just came out about an hour ago. there is a cool breeze. and there's been a pretty good breeze or wind most of the morning. i would bank on mostly cloudy tonight for the nationals and the giants tonight. it looks like not -- the low clouds won't be a factor but higher clouds are coming in. you see in the last few frames, there are breaks showing up on the low cloud deck. 50s on most of the temps or low 60s. this is really cool for east
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bay temps for this time of year. low clouds in place. to the left of the screen, increase in the higher clouds. sfo gusts to 25. west at oakland. the key and sal and i were talking about this all morning long. the ultimate mass had -- the altamont pass had gusts up to 50 this morning. a lot of cloud cover on the way. that could lead to the possibility of light rain. that's right. tomorrow morning, maybe some light rain. 50s, 60s, 70s. after tomorrow, we will see a rebound in the temperatures. warmer weather on the way for friday and saturday and sunday. >> i'm looking forward to it. later in the day we found out that the accident actually killed a 17-year-old boy and girl. and five others were seriously injured. >> amber lee spoke to the
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coroner's office and witness snooze it was around 5:45 p.m. nearly ten hours after a deadly crash that busy park street was finally reopened to traffic. the alameda county coroner's office has identified the two teens killed. briana ortega of hayward and simon, both 17. where simon lives is unconfirmed. >> i heard a loud noise. it sounded like glass breaking and it went on for a while. then i heard a loud bang. so i ran outside and there was somebody laying in the middle of the street. then that car or the truck was all torn apart. >> reporter: dana ronald says she called 911 and took this photo with her cell phone. she saw several people trapped inside of the truck, including the boy in the red t-shirt in the front passenger seat. she says he was around 14 years old and he was the only passenger who appeared to be conscious. >> heart broken. devastating. >> reporter: another witness told police that the gmc truck
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was southbound on park street when it collided with a minivan that was traveling westbound on tillman way. police have not said if drugs and alcohol are factors. >> it is really sad. not only two lives lost but so many lives it has impacted. families and all of the people out here. it is a very sad day. >> reporter: police say everyone in the truck were in their teens to early 20s. a fire captain says firefighters needed to pry the truck's doors open and use the jaws of life to extricate the five people trapped inside. witnesses say the driver of the truck was speeding but police did not say how fast the driver may have been going. >> you don't need to speed to go somewhere. this is the end result. >> reporter: the speed limit on park street is 25 miles per hour. but neighbors say it is not always followed and there are been serious collisions here. now this one on memorial day. >> we're honoring soldiers, what they did for us. to see this was depressing. >> reporter: the female driver
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of the minivan was alone and is suffering from non-life- threatening injuries. the other people in the pickup truck were transported to the hospital and suffer from serious injuries. amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news. later today the u.s. will test a defense system. the test is happening at vandenberg air base near santa barbara. the test comes just one day after north korea launched another ballistic missile that landed in japanese waters. having tores are calling for an investigation into the business dealings of jared kushner, trump's son-in-law. the senator wants an investigation into jared kushner's marketing of a development project in new jersey to potential investors in china a a report says that kushner marketed the project
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using a controversial program that offers foreign investors to a visa in exchange for a $500,000 investment into a u.s. business. the chinese company was offering investors a guaranteed visa in exchange for an investment in the project which is not part of the official program. president trump's communications director is resigning. he resigned two weeks ago for personal reasons but offered to stay through the president's first foreign trip to ensure there was a smooth transition. his exit comes as the president is reportedly considering a larger shake-up of his communications staff and other key personnel. the former dictator of panama has died at the age of 83. he recently suffered a hemorrhage after brain surgery. he was a key u.s. ally but removed from power by u.s. forces in '89. he was sent to prison in the u.s. on drug and money laundering charges and was jailed in paris for murder,
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corruption and embezzlement. last january he was released from prison to prepare for brain surgery. in panama, there was little public reaction to the announcement of his death. the white house could be getting ready to reverse sanctions on cuba. the cuba relations has nearly been completed. the obama administration softened regulations on trade and travel to the communist country. the trade embargo still has not been lifted by congress. legislation was filed to end all remaining restrictions on travel to cuba. coming up on mornings on 2 the 9, tracking students' attention spans in the classroom. the new technology that could serve as an important learning tool for teachers. a warning about fake tickets and merchandise ahead of game one of the nba finals. we will speak to a spokesman from the warriors about what you can do to protect yourself against fraud.
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>> acting warriors head coach mike brown is expected to be back at practice after suffering from a stomach virus. steve kerr says it doesn't look like he will be able to coach game one of the championship game against the cavaliers. the game is wednesday at 6:00. the team is warning about fake tickets and merchandise. we will talk with the warrior about that problem in a couple minutes, how to avoid getting ripped off. a warriors fan reached the top of mt. everest for the 7th time. this is kind of cool. he shared this photo on twitter and a few others during his descent from the world's highest mountain. that is cool. >> cool shot. as the team gears up for team one, we are joined by brandon snyder of the warriors.
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are you nervous about this series? confident. >> a little bit of both. confident in our team but cleveland is good. >> gasia mentioned the fake tickets. >> unfortunately it is something that we see. we see about 40 fraudulent tickets come to the box office each gay. >> that goes up during the playoffs. >> it tends to go up. as prices go up which tends to happen in the playoffs and now in the finals, it gives people more of an incentive to do these things. >> i'm on the next door app if someone wants to buy them. i thought this is a deal. >> that is one that is tough. there are other sites that market themselves as having fan protect guarantees and things like that. >> stubhub. >> that would be one of them.
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>> those sites are not safe. what we tell people, we have the best fans in the nba and in the world in our opinion. we want to protect them. we try to educate people. there is only one place -- there are hundreds of sites out there. only one place you can guarantee that your ticket will scan. that is >> we have this cool shirts that you will be putting out. i have seen guys in the parking lot selling $5 t-shirts and hats. what is the harm in buying a $5 knockoff hat. >> if it is too good of a deal, it probably is. >> knowing that if i'm paying $5 for a hat, than i do. i know it is a knock off if i pay $5. is that still a problem? >> it's not officially licensed merchandise. you may not be getting what you think you're getting. when i was a kid i was in europe, italy with my family and my mom bought me a hard rock cafe t-shirt from a vendor on the street. it was okay.
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we wore it all day but when she washed it, there were holes in it. we have shirts on or in any of our stores throughout the city. >> it is such an exciting time for the organization. the stretch of, you know, three conference finals. building this new arena in san francisco, are you tied to that at all? what can you tell us on the progress there. >> progress has been great. we broke ground in january as i'm sure you heard. if you go over to -- >> oh, i have. it's coming along. it is incredible. >> it really is. we have an office in san francisco now. we have about 30 employees that are there. we starting selling suites. >> will there be more than in oracle. >> about the same. we have four person mini suites. a few more than those.
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>> if i want regular season tickets, get on the list mike because there's tens of thousands of people on a list. >> you've got it. our season ticket holders will have the first opportunity. that will happen later this year. we have about 40,000 people on the wait list. they will be first in line. >> here is the think, i know the management team is trying to figure out a way that by the time the warriors get to san francisco, they will still be this good. do you know what i mean? you want to open up a new arena with a good team and not have to be like a faded team from this era. >> yeah. i think that is true. when we get to the new arena. it is true for this team in general. ever since they bought the team, joe and peter and his partners we've had a good team. it is unique to have a veteran team but a young veteran team. we have a team that could conceivably stay together for a number of years. >> one of our favorite school teachers say she grew up and
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may not be able to afford it. when they cross the bay, it will get even more expensive. can you say anything about ticket prices, about an expected jump in that. >> ticket prices have not been set. one of the things that we love the most about oracle is the nickname roar-acle. it is the building and the acoustics but it is really the people. we would be crazy to set ticket practices that wouldn't give our loyal fans a chance to get tickets. >> people have been -- some people have criticized you that it was faded. was it your idea to have it faded? was it your idea? come on. >> i don't think it is faded. >> do you like it? i like it. >> i think it is awesome. for me, we save the gold all year long. we save the gold for the playoffs. i can tell you just like our fans i wear the shirt every single game. when i put these gold t-shirts on the morning of the games, i'm in a good mood.
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i love it. >> don't change anything. >> eat the same thing that you had for breakfast. >> no one is superstitious. >> brandon snyder with the golden state warriors. game one is just two days away. we'll be right back. welcome to maxx you. you are whimsical, vibrant, statement making. we see what makes you unique. so we have something for everyone,
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9:24 am
arena. the station had been closed while the investigation continued. ariana grande will return to manchester england this weekend. according to publicists she is holding a benefit concert on sunday for victims in last week's bombing. she will be joined by big names including coldplay, justin bieber and katy perry. proceeds will go to the city of manchester and the british red crash. a zookeeper killed by a tiger is being remembered for her love of the animals. she was attacked and killed by a tiger yesterday morning inside of a tiger enclosure at a zoo 80 miles north of london. the facility was evacuated following the attack and remains closed today. officials called it a freak accident but are not going into specifics about how it happened. australia plans to ban convicted pedophiles from traveling overseas. they would sees the passports
9:25 am
of the pedophiles on the sex registry. the government wants to protect vulnerable children in southeast asia from being exploited. there are been reports that pedophiles have traveled to those countries to abuse children. >> there will be new legislation that will make australia a world leader in protecting children from child sex tourism. >> australia's child sex offender registry contains 3200 serious offenders who will be banned from travel for life. according to two recent studies, 30% of e-mails containing malicious files were opened last year. when it comes to messages on social media feeds, that rate doubled to 66%. experts warn that malicious files can come in any form.
9:26 am
russian hackers gained access to a government official's computer through a twitter message. earlier this month, the board approved certification of an environmental impact report for the project. a large crowd on each side of the plan is expected tonight at the board ease meeting. some who oppose the lights say they would affect the neighborhood's views and wildlife in the area. supporters say the life would provide a safe and supervised place for kids to play and watch sporting events. new technology could help teachers know if students are paying attention. it uses web cams to analyze students during an online lecture and. manufacturers say the pre forcers can -- professors can use the data and make adjustments. it is being tested in france
9:27 am
this summer. >> i was always attentive in class. >> always. >> coming up -- >> i was. >> the teenager at the center of what some people call the act of racism is speaking out. why he says it is all just a misunderstanding. an act of terrorism from an 82-year-old man in the south bay. his quick thinking when his wife was being attacked in his own home. >> that guy is awesome. prestige creams not living up to the hype?
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>> controversy at a south bay high school after a promposal that many students called racist. as ktvu explains, that student is now speaking out about his actions saying he did not intend for it to be racist. >> reporter: here at los gatos high school the excitement of graduation is overshadowed but
9:30 am
racist promposals. the newspaper first exposed them. >> it is hard for me to understand what prompted these. >> reporter: last month a junior asked a girl to prom using this poster that says do you want to be like n word and hang at prom with a photo of what appears to be a lynching. and then another senior wore black face as part of the prom invite. the 18-year-old asked me not to share his identity. >> i didn't mean it in a racist way. i don't think it is racist. at no point did i mock anyone. >> reporter: he asked his friend using the dark skin bitmoji created online. his date was unsure if it was a real invitation so he asked in person wearing black face makeup. he says he had no bad intentions. >> people are offended by the stupidest things these days. at one point you say enough is enough and stop let the offended run the world. >> i think they're both
9:31 am
offensive regardless of the intent. just the amount of outrage and the vocality of the community now is evidence of that. >> reporter: lyle who is half black is not surprised by the incident saying it is a predominantly white high school with many students lacking exposure to different cultures. her friend is also half black agrees. >> there has been racists but to that extent, i was surprised. >> reporter: the school said no communication about any school event should denigrate a person or group for any reason. we are aware of two prom asks this semester and want this never to occur again. the school is now looking at offering cultural sensitivity programs during the next academic year. as for discipline after action, the 18-year-old who wore the
9:32 am
makeup told us he was required to attend a counseling session at the school. now to san ramon where parents of a student at san ramon valley high are opening up about the torment she says she suffered at the hands of a classmate. the 16-year-old student was filmed going to the bathroom in the girls bathroom. the athlete was suspended for three days but allowed to play in a championship game. the parents of the alleged victim say since the incident her grades have dropped and eating patterns have changed because she sees the girl each day. this leads to our question of the day which is this: while bullies has been around for a long time. are social media and cell phones making the issue worst? let's look at the poll results. usual leer we're evenly split.
9:33 am
not the case today. 86% say yes. 14% say now. one viewer tweets if it raises awareness resulting in better handling of it, maybe it is better in the long run. >> tony lopez says it is making it worse but the person being bullied has to learn how to fight back and not take it. >> barry says yes because of social media bullying can be done anywhere. it can make it 75% worse because anyone can see it. >> yeah. of course it is. back in the day you could go home after school and get away from the noise. now kids live with it 24/7. >> absolutely. >> he is talking about himself. i stopped using facebook because of all of the negativity on there. i think a lot of people it applies to even adults. >> thank you for your responses. we will continue the conversation. you can always reach us on twitter by using #ktvuthe9. fremont police told ktvu that a suspect who was shot by an officer yesterday is now out
9:34 am
of surgery. >> that's right. but authorities are refusing to discuss the extend of his injuries or prognosis. >> police say the suspect was armed with a pipe and threatening people at the shopping center near maury avenue off of interstate 880. allie rasmus reports that several witnesses are questioning whether an officer had to open fire. >> reporter: cell phone video from witnesses captured the moments after the shooting. you can see the man who was shot on the ground in pain on the left side of the screen there. fremont police say one of the officers shot the man because he was wielding a two foot long metal pipe, threatening people in the shopping center off of maury avenue. 4:00 yesterday afternoon is when a shopping flag -- shopper flagged down the officer after seeing the man with the pipe acting strangely. >> the officer told him to stop, drop t i was like drop what. >> he was crying on the ground and bleeding on the ground. >> this quickly unfolded within
9:35 am
one to two minutes. that's when it unfolded. a quick fluid situation took place. >> reporter: fremont police say within 90 seconds of the officer spotting the man in the parking lot, chasing him after he ran off, there was a confrontation between them and the officer shot the man. fremont police confirmed multiple shots were fired by the one officer. we don't know how many times the man was struck. we also don't know anything more about the officer or how long he's been with the department. we don't know about the man who was shot. we don't know his age or city he is from. all of that information fremont police say they are not ready to release. they will possibly release more details later this week. again, we don't know the status of the man's condition. the man who was shot by police. at last check he went to the hospital and went through surgery last night. in fremont, allie rasmus, ktvu fox 2 news. vacaville police are expected to release more information today after officers shot and killed a man following a chase on interstate 880 early yesterday morning. police were following a white honda that was reported stolen
9:36 am
from the city of davis. officers say they tried to pull that car over but the driver sped off, down 80. the chase eventually ended near the vacaville premium outlets. police used their cars to block the driver and stop that car. moments later there was some type of confrontation and two police officers shot and killed the suspect. just got off the phone with b.a.r.t. significant delays of 20 minutes or so on b.a.r.t. because of earlier problems. there was a train stuck before you go into the trans-bay tube. a lot of people were on platforms waiting a long time. >> this was like two hours ago. >> yeah. and some people were stuck on trains not moving. once they got the train out of the way, there was a backlog of trains. now trains are moving they have been moving for a while. still 20-minute system wide delays. for more of the stories we've been working on, let's go to dave clark. >> closing arguments scheduled for the penalty phase of the garcia-torres murder trial. the jury that convicted garcia- torres of killing morgan hill
9:37 am
teenager sierra lamar whose body has never been found is also deciding whether he will get the death penalty or life in prison. in the meantime the jury hearing the case of three santa clara county sheriff's deputies accused of fatally beating a jail inmate in 2015 is due to continue deliberations today. the deputies are charged with the murder. his attorneys say he may have slipped or fallen or maybe have even killed himself. his body was found in the jail cell. if convicted the deputies could get life in prison. today the oakland city attorney is expected to officially recommend the city settle the case involving the sex scandal at the oakland police department. city attorney barbara parker is expected to make that recommendation at the oakland city council meeting. the claim filed by jasmine is for $989,000. at first she was seeking $66 million. the 19-year-old has also filed claims against the city of
9:38 am
richmond, livermore and san francisco and alameda county for claims she was sexually exploited by police officers. those are just a few of the morning headlines. mike, sal, gasia, i'll send it back to you. >> thank you, dave. now to new video of a man going on a hate filled rant one day before he is accused of stabbing two men to death on a train in portland last friday. >> we have a christian or muslim. i'll stab you too. move forward. >> this is cell phone video showing the suspect jeremy joseph christian yelling on a train last thursday night. he threw a bottle at an african- american woman who then maced him. the next day he threatened two women one of whom was wearing a hijab. three men intervened but christian killed two of them and slashed the throat of a third man who survived the attack. >> he told us to go back to saudi arabia. and he told us that we shouldn't be here and to get out of his country.
9:39 am
>> the two good samaritans who were killed were an army ranger -- an army veteran and a recent college graduate. christian is due in court today. he supported the neonazi movement on social media. state officials are investigating the safety of a water slide at the new water park at the wave in dublin. officials were investigating the slide two days after a boy flew off of the slide landing on the concrete 90 minutes after the park's grand opening. two of the three signature slides remain closed when visitors say won't keep them from going to the park. >> it definitely makes me concerned. but there's definitely other features of the water park that we can utilize that are still safe. >> it is likely that the park will add padding to the concrete walkways near the slide as well as possibly enclosing the open top parts of the slide that is expected to
9:40 am
remain closed until that happens. >> students at three san jose elementary schools will have to endure another summer in the classroom with little relief. new air-conditioning systems won't be installed until june 2018 the three schools. students and their parents tell the mercury news it is an ongoing problem making it difficult for children to concentrate on class work. parents say while the students are suffering, the school is building multi purpose rooms but the projects cannot be done during the school year because they would be too disruptive. an 82-year-old man in san jose is being called a hero by the sheriff's deputies in santa clara county. he was in his home on sunday afternoon when he heard his wife scream. he went outside and saw a woman who had been trying to break into his home beating his wife with an 18-inch-long club. the attack on his wife was so
9:41 am
severe it left blood splattered on the back door. he held on to the attacker even though she hit and bit him. and he kept holding on until sheriff's deputies arrived. >> i have duty to protect my family, my home, myself. >> it is kind of one of those stories that we see this man as a hero. 82 years old and defended his wife and actually apprehended a burglar. >> the suspect is being held in the county jail this morning. coming up next on mornings on 2 the 9, a plea for help from a bay area army veteran. coming up, the symbol of his duty that he hopes someone will find and return. a book at young girls helping them through bullying, peer pressure and sex. we are live with the author
9:42 am
whose personal experience wanted her to help others facing similar situations.
9:43 am
9:44 am
>> categorially buckstaff is a bay area author whose new book is being called a must have. the book is a series of letters to teenage girls about her own experiences. so happy to have kathleen on the 9 this morning. thank you for being here. >> this came about after you saw your own daughter was reaching a tender age, an age that you were victimized at. tell me what happened to you that made you realize you that needed to write this book.
9:45 am
>> i realized i needed to have open conversations with my daughter about predators and identifying their behavior. i had experienced really hard things when i was a teenager. i was sexually assaulted by a classmate as sophomore and sexually abused by a teacher in high school. >> had you had a talk with your daughter about victims and predators and knowing what is true to yourself? >> well, i did. and i really think that we can do better in terms of just having the talk. >> right. >> so we can have lots of little talks. that is really what my book is about. it is helping mothers and daughters and educators talk about really hard subjects with hard stories. i interviewed over 60 people for this book. and read hundreds of academic studies and weaved them in. >> the young women in the book say i wish i would have known it was okay to leave the party early or grab my girlfriend's
9:46 am
arm and say get out of there. you don't need to be in there with him. >> right. >> tell me about this proactive thought process. >> i use pig. if someone is pushing drinks or trying to get you alone. i offer recovery skills if something happens. >> when it comes to getting yourself out of a tricky situation, it isn't that the potential attacker isn't hearing your words. he is overriding them. i don't want another drink. it will be great. try this one. this overriding when a woman says i think i've had enough. >> oh, yeah. they ignore your no. that is one of the early signs that you're with somebody who isn't respecting you as a person. >> uh-huh. >> and you need to leave. and so we go through tiny little examples and phrases. there's lots of words that we
9:47 am
can use. because i was from a psi silent generation. i have compassion for my mother and the women older than her. we didn't talk about these things. now we're being forced to and we need to to reduce the harm to give girls skills to protect themselves and their friends and boys and educators so we do a better job at talking about the really awkward awkward subjects. >> you mentioned, you know, your generation, even today if a young woman is intoxicated at the time of a rape or assault, many people think she shouldn't have had all of that to drink. the victim is still getting some of the blame. >> a lost the blame. i want to change that. at the end of the day the person who is morally and legally responsible for the assault is the person who assaults. there are things -- it's a little bit like if you think about a surgeon learning to wash their hands and sterilize
9:48 am
equipment before going into surgery. they didn't used to. if you wash your hands, you reduce the risk of infection. we can teach girls thing to reduce their risk. >> you want girls to be designated drivers and defenders. i'm looking out for my girlfriend and she is doing the same thing for me. >> right. >> let's go back to a topic that we have been covering a lot. the netflix series "13 reasons why." the woman is sexually attacked by someone she has a crush on. many think that rape or sexual violence can only happen by the stranger in the bushes. that isn't the case. >> it wasn't the case for her or me. statistically, 93% of sexual assaults for juveniles happen by somebody they know. we need to change the conversation and understand that most sexual assaults start with a kiss. and then the person goes farther than what you want. so what i do is i offer tools and words of how to say i'm comfortable kissing you. i don't want to do anything else. or i don't even want to kiss
9:49 am
you. i need to go home now. >> and you encourage role play, saying the words puts them in your brain so you can bring them out in a time of need. >> i role play with my girls and my daughter before they went to college. they said this isn't going to happen. i said yes, it will. they came back from college and they said everything that you said was going to happen and more. when they graduated from college, they came to me and said you need to write a book. what you taught us other people need to know. and they need to learn these skills of negotiating these very complex social interactions in a way that keeps them safe and keeps their friends safe. >> this book could be life saving. someone who has been through sexual violence, their thoughts or actions towards suicide increase. >> by 50 percent. a girl who is sexually assaulted are 50% likely to try to kill themselves. i had a dear friend kill herself.
9:50 am
i wrote a book that may have changed my life that i needed and maybe may have changed herself. >> this is a book for all girls. >> yes. >> thank you for joining me. the book is get savvy. letters to a teenage girl about sex and love. >> and you can find it on amazon. >> i read this in a weekend. thank you for joining us. we will be right back. >> so important. >> thank you.
9:51 am
9:52 am
>> a bay area veteran who
9:53 am
served in desert storm is looking for help. >> he is looking for his challenge coin that was stolen along with his wallet. >> he wants it back because of the deeply personal meeting. >> reporter: david was riding the motorcycle that he built when the custom wallet he made went missing. it may have fallen out of his pocket or stolen. what the former army ranger knows for sure, he desperately wants the contents returned. inside was a challenge coin like this one displayed in the leather. >> it is a challenge coin. many either fire or police or military units use them to show their pride and their affiliation to that unit that they served with. >> reporter: where the coin shows a blank spot, hartman that the dates that he served in the ranger unit. the coin has come to represent
9:54 am
his service. while it doesn't have much monetary value, david's wife says it is priceless to him. >> he carried it with him for the last 25 years. he had it with him every day. wherever he was. wherever we were, he would always have the coin with him. >> reporter: so shannon started a campaign to try to get it back. >> i think there are a lot of good people in this world. things get returned all the time. i put out a plea on facebook for my friends to share with their friends with pictures of the coin. just to try to get the word out. >> reporter: david is hopeful. he recalls a story where someone had ashes returned to them in san francisco. >> it is not ashes but it means a lot to me. it is what i have to carry with me to remind me of what i used to do and the standard that i met, you know, back then and i try to keep that standard today. >> reporter: low and behold on may 25th, two days after the wallet disappeared, a few of the missing items were
9:55 am
returned. some ids were dropped off at the sunnyvale department of public safety. a few documents were mailed from oakland. david hopes if those sends understood the significance of the coin, they would return it too. >> i want to say thank you to the people who returned the items. i just want the coin back. the wallet that i made that it was in, i don't care. i just want that coin. >> reporter: the hartmans hope whoever has the coin will return it, no questions asked to the sunnyvale department of public safety or the nearest police station. an ruben, ktvu fox 2 news. it was a game of home runs in the a's game. oakland battled the cleveland indians. both had three home runs. the a's were trailing 5-0 going into the 7th. it started with this homer. it was followed by a homer by ryan heely. and another home run by chris davis, his 16th of the season. in the end the a's came up
9:56 am
short. the indians won 5-3. major league baseball expected to hand down suspensions after a big night in a game that the giants lost 3-0. >> and the pitch. and he hits harper. and harper is going to go out. and now we've got a beef. >> off they go. washington nationals star bryce harper was hit by the fastball by strickland. tensions reportedly simmering between harper and strickland. this goes back to 2014 when harper hit two big home runs, one in game one and one in game four. the players have not faced each other since that division series. strickland and harper were kicked out of the game. >> it is so in the past that it is not even relevant anymore. they won the world series that year. and i don't think he should be thinking about, you know, what happened in the first round. he should be thinking about wearing the ring home every
9:57 am
single night. >> both players are likely to face suspensions and fines. the two teams face off again tonight. when he hit that home run in game four, bryce harper looked as strickland as he rolled around the basis. >> are you justifying what happened. >> it has to be part of the story. it wasn't included in the script. and then he barked at him. it was two and a half years ago. >> inexcusable. >> see you later. >> maybe. he was out there. >> no excuse for that. just so you know. breyers natural vanilla. milk and fresh cream, and only sustainably farmed vanilla. what is this? a vanilla bean? mmm! breyers the good vanilla. we use non-gmo sourced ingredients in some of america's favorite flavors.
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mmm! we care about sourcing 100% at best foods, of our oils responsibly. and we care about incredible taste. because at best foods, we're on the side of food.
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>> live from new york city, it's the wendy williams show. >> wendy: how you doin? we won't judge, but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. [ applause ] now, here's wendy! [ applause ] [ applause ] >> wendy: hello. [ applause ]


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